Decorate your room with Lego

Finally your Lego building is done and you don’t know what to do with it? Yes, you can put your creation on your furniture but it’s too easy isn’t it? So I suggest you something else. Photo frames, posters, clocks are  too classic, so let’s try to be more creative and let’s put your creation on the wall. It is as pretty as wall stickers and can replace it.

How to put Lego on the wall ?

You can use two magnets, the one on the back of Lego and the other on the wall. It fixes the Lego  very well! If you haven’t magnets and are tempted to use scotch double sided tape, please don’t, that is  NOT the right way. The adhesive damages Lego and it’s difficult to wash it out. So let’s surf on Amazon you will find many cheaper magnets  like this.


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