Mini Lego Gengar

I recently discovered Wish which is an online shop and I have bought a Gengar Lego. It is an american shop which sells many cool stuff made in China and very cheaper. So, yes it is not a good quality, but for objects like Lego or Toys it is pretty cool. However, I do not recommend you to buy clothes or electronic objects because I can guarantee you that you will be disappointed. In most cases, clothes don’t look like the picture on the online shop and electronic objects do not last long.

I have bought a mini Lego Gengar for 2 euros, plus one euro for the shipping cost. So three euros in total, and one month after I have received my package.


There are 150 parts on this package and oh my god how small are they!  Just taking one part and putting it with an other one was very hard. You can ask Romain if you don’t believe me, he sacrificied himself and took one hour and half to build Gengar with me 😂.
The worst was when we had to remove a part of an other, it was veeeery sticked! But, don’t worry, it’s just the time to get used to it, and after that it is quick to build the pokemon.


At the end, we have a little Lego Gengar . Thanks to Romain for building this Pokemon with me 😀


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