Minion gift box

Today is mother’s day so I hope you didn’t forget your mother’s gift ! If you don’t have wrapping paper you can make a gift box with Lego. I have built mine on Minion’s theme, so with blue, yellow and white parts. Inside the box I put a nail polish (it’s the gift) and when I pulled the transparent part the nail polish fall down.

How to do this piece ?

First, make a simple box open in front, but be careful, don’t forget to make ribbon. Then take plate parts to close the box.

For my part I use 14 parts of 2×8 


And clip together 2 parts with an other plate part :


On the top of your creation, put the knot and the rest of ribbon.

Now let’s talk about the mechanism; you just have to make this figure :


And when you pull the strip (transparent part), that pushes up your gift in the hole :


I would like to draw your attention to the inside of the box. The platform where the gift is put are smooth because I use this type of part :



To see the video

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  1. Looks like very hard to make, but gotta try one since it’s for my son. Though it would be perfect if you provide a detailed procedure. But then you provided a video this would do. Thanks!

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