Gift Lego Luigi in a bell

Maybe you want to offer your Lego building to someone? You can wrap your gift but a Lego is delicate so it could be broken…. I suggest you this wrap : For this example, I have built a Luigi (I admit that I have built Luigi because his dress are green like the bow of my […]


Mario sweet box

If you are a sweet fan like me, this box is made for you! Instead of heading up your bag of sweets, I suggest you to build a box and put sweets in it. It is more beautiful and useful when you have guests for example. First of all, build each face of the square with a […]

Decorate your room with Lego

Finally your Lego building is done and you don’t know what to do with it? Yes, you can put your creation on your furniture but it’s too easy isn’t it? So I suggest you something else. Photo frames, posters, clocks are  too classic, so let’s try to be more creative and let’s put your creation […]


Mario and his dog friend

It’s the spring, it’s sunny, so why don’t we take a photo outside ? I have brought Mario in my garden to take a beautiful picture, and…surprise my cousin’s dog came up with his cute little face and sat comfortably. It was a funny moment and I think Mario was happy to have a friend […]