Mario and his dog friend

It’s the spring, it’s sunny, so why don’t we take a photo outside ? I have brought Mario in my garden to take a beautiful picture, and…surprise my cousin’s dog came up with his cute little face and sat comfortably. It was a funny moment and I think Mario was happy to have a friend […]


Pokeball VS Greatball

Pokeball and Greatball are very simple to build because the top is a mirror image of the bottom. It just takes patience to make a pretty circle. I would like to build the Masterball and the Ultraball but I haven’t enough black and pink parts…. But, to be honest with you my dream is to […]


Spiderman VS Deadpool

Here is my first Marvel’s characters! I didn’t want to build a “normal” spiderman nor a” normal” Deadpool, so I was inspired by Mincraft’s universe to create my own style. I reproduced the square shape for the body, but applied my own proportion. Indeed, I think Mincraft’s characters are not cute nor sweat enough. So […]