Pokemon bow tie

You want to be the person with THE original bow tie? Look at this one, and try it. It was very simple to build it because it’s symmetrical. You just have to take black, white and red parts. How can you build it ? First, you need this parts : List : Red : 2×4 […]


Minion gift box

Today is mother’s day so I hope you didn’t forget your mother’s gift ! If you don’t have wrapping paper you can make a gift box with Lego. I have built mine on Minion’s theme, so with blue, yellow and white parts. Inside the box I put a nail polish (it’s the gift) and when […]


Pokemon box

Soon it will be your friend’s birthday and this friend loves Pokemon? This box is for you. The classic gift is a videogame or a figurine, but why not both of them? I suggest you to put in a box many stuff about Pokemon, it’s more original and mostly customized. Your gift will be unique. […]


My lego library

Recently I just converted my library, so I want to show you my masterpiece! Many people put their figurines Lego on the shelf, and of course it is very cool, but I wanted to make something more original. In the background you can see my manga collection: Skip beat (yes sorry guys it is a […]


Gift Lego Luigi in a bell

Maybe you want to offer your Lego building to someone? You can wrap your gift but a Lego is delicate so it could be broken…. I suggest you this wrap : For this example, I have built a Luigi (I admit that I have built Luigi because his dress are green like the bow of my […]


Mini Lego Gengar

I recently discovered Wish which is an online shop and I have bought a Gengar Lego. It is an american shop which sells many cool stuff made in China and very cheaper. So, yes it is not a good quality, but for objects like Lego or Toys it is pretty cool. However, I do not recommend […]

Decorate your room with Lego

Finally your Lego building is done and you don’t know what to do with it? Yes, you can put your creation on your furniture but it’s too easy isn’t it? So I suggest you something else. Photo frames, posters, clocks are  too classic, so let’s try to be more creative and let’s put your creation […]


The Pikachu gift for your partner

Your boyfriend’s birthday on Valentine’s day is coming soon and you didn’t already find THE gift that’ll make him cry of hapiness ? Let me introduce you my Pikachu gift: a combination of a lego of Zelda’s heart and a cuddly toy of Pikachu. I find them pretty cool because they are tall, they are not […]


Mario and his dog friend

It’s the spring, it’s sunny, so why don’t we take a photo outside ? I have brought Mario in my garden to take a beautiful picture, and…surprise my cousin’s dog came up with his cute little face and sat comfortably. It was a funny moment and I think Mario was happy to have a friend […]


Pokeball VS Greatball

Pokeball and Greatball are very simple to build because the top is a mirror image of the bottom. It just takes patience to make a pretty circle. I would like to build the Masterball and the Ultraball but I haven’t enough black and pink parts…. But, to be honest with you my dream is to […]