Pokemon box

Soon it will be your friend’s birthday and this friend loves Pokemon? This box is for you. The classic gift is a videogame or a figurine, but why not both of them? I suggest you to put in a box many stuff about Pokemon, it’s more original and mostly customized. Your gift will be unique. […]


Mini Lego Gengar

I recently discovered Wish which is an online shop and I have bought a Gengar Lego. It is an american shop which sells many cool stuff made in China and very cheaper. So, yes it is not a good quality, but for objects like Lego or Toys it is pretty cool. However, I do not recommend […]


Pokeball VS Greatball

Pokeball and Greatball are very simple to build because the top is a mirror image of the bottom. It just takes patience to make a pretty circle. I would like to build the Masterball and the Ultraball but I haven’t enough black and pink parts…. But, to be honest with you my dream is to […]