Where buy Lego?

It is an article to explain where you can buy specific parts of Lego. For my part, I bought the XL box in Toysrus store which contains 1000 parts of different colors and size. It is very useful when you don’t know exactly what you want to create.

However you will face against a big problem: there is not necessarly the part you need to complete your creation ! But don’t worry there is the solution.


Lego shop


It is the official website of the Lego brand. You can buy all types of Lego, so your specific part too. The shop often makes special sales, for instance with a VIP card your points are tripled. Parts are not expensive and the service is very good. I received my package in the box with the pieces wrapped. The shop thanked me for buying their products and also sent an invoice of my products. Despite the serious service there is a little problem: you can’t buy technics Lego in this website




As the official Lego, website this nederland website sells Lego parts, and furthermore it sells technic parts! There isn’t a thanks message in the package but products are wrapped too.



I didn’t try this website yet, but I intend to do it! For information, BrickLink is a reference in Lego online shops.This website regroups people selling their Lego parts.